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  • Product Name:   4-Fluoro-2-methylbenzaldehyde
  • Synonyms:   Benzaldehyde, 4-fluoro-2-methyl- (9CI);2-methyl-4-fluorobenzaldehyde;4-Fluoro-o-tolualdehyde;5-Fluoro-2-formyltoluene;5-Fluoro-2-formyltoluene, 4-Fluoro-o-tolualdehyde
  • CAS No.:   63082-45-1
  • Molecular Formula:   C8H7FO
  • Molecular Weight :   138.14
  • Specification :   98%
  • Place of Origin:   China
  • Appearance :   
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Description of 4-Fluoro-2-methylbenzaldehyde

4-Fluoro-2-methylbenzaldehyde Chemical Properties

Boiling point  87 14mm

density  1.144 g/mL at 25 °C

refractive index  1.5260

Fp  82 °C

storage temp.  Room temperature.

Sensitive  Air Sensitive

CAS DataBase Reference 63082-45-1(CAS DataBase Reference)

Safety Information

Hazard Codes  Xi

Risk Statements  36/37/38-41-37/38

Safety Statements  26-36-39

Hazard Note  Irritant

4-Fluoro-2-methylbenzaldehyde Usage And Synthesis

Chemical Properties Clear colorless to light yellow liquid

Purification Methods The aldehyde has been purified by gas chromatography and should be kept under N2 as it readily oxidizes in air [Burgess et al. Aust J Chem 30 543 1977].

4-Fluoro-2-methylbenzaldehyde Preparation Products And Raw materials

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Product: 4-Fluoro-2-methylbenzaldehyde


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